Creating a training program

Once your courses have been created, you need to add them to a program. Let's start creating a training program!

Here's a recap of how to create a training program:

  1. First, let's create a template for the training program
    1. Fill in the general information section (title, cover picture, resume ...)
    2. Add items to the training program: webinar, course, face-to-face session, automatic emails, validation steps, or certifications
    3. Click on Create a program template 
  2. Next, let's create a session for the program:
    1. Choose completion dates
    2. Register learners to the training program (either groups or individual participants)
    3. Add tutors, who will be able to correct open questions throughout the training program
    4. Set release dates for the courses (Optional)
    5. Once your training program is ready, click on Create the program

Also, we know that things can get a little overwhelming when discovering a new el-earning tool. Please watch our tutorial below to get started on training program creation ⬇️:

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