Create a program template

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Creating a program template determines the blocks that will constitute your program. You can later create a session, from that template.

  1. At the top right of the homepage, click CREATE Program.
  2. Assign an Owner group to the program template.
  3. Enter the title of the program template.
  4. In the section Add blocks to the program, click on a block to add it (Course, Classroom, Email, Assessment, or Certificate).
    • If you add a Classroom block, enter a title.
    • If you add an Email block, enter the object of the email.
    • If you add an Assessment block, enter the title.
    • If you add a Certificate, enter the title, the certification authority, and a description.
  5. On the bottom, click CREATE A PROGRAM TEMPLATE.

Once your program template is created, you can create sessions from that template.

Add optional elements to the program template

You can add optional elements to a program template. Those elements are used as default values in sessions, and can be changed at the session level.

Cover picture

The recommended size is 1440 x 480 pixels. The minimum size is 980 x 370 pixels.

The cover picture is also displayed:

  • in the session invitation email, with the ratio 600 x 375 pixels;
  • as a thumbnail the homepage, the search results page, and the Dashboard, with the ratio 4:3.

To make text more readable, we display a black image with opacity 0.3 on top of the cover picture.

Presentation video

The presentation video is displayed on the right side of the cover picture, in program session homepage.


The description is a rich text that will be displayed in the section ABOUT of the session homepage, and in the session invitation email.

Adding documents to the description will turn them into images in the session invitation email, and can only be opened from the session homepage.

Estimated duration

You can add an estimated duration for the whole program, as well as an estimated weekly commitment.

Those values are indications for Learners.


You can add skills to a program template.

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