Inviting users on the platform 101

Your program is ready to go, you’ve created your group…You just need to invite your learners!

Please have a look at this article for our detailed explanations on how to invite members to the platform. 

In this article we’ll cover frequently asked questions about inviting members:

1 - I can’t add an email address

2 - What happens if a learner shares an invitation email?

3 - How can I follow-up with learners who haven’t logged on to the platform?


1 – I can’t add an email address

Across all 360Learning workspaces, an email address can only correspond to one account. 

Consequently, if you invite a member whose email address is already connected to an account on the platform, you’ll see the following message:


If you are unable to find this address on your platform, that means the email is already being used for a 360Learning account.

This explains why it’s not available for registration in your workspace.

As a workaround, invite learners with an email address that has been slightly modified.

In this example, we could use

By adding the “#” sign and another word to the email address, the platform will read this as a different email address but the learner will still receive messages.

Please Note: Users you’ve invited with these modified email addresses will need to use the modified version to connect to the platform:


2 – What happens if a learner shares an invitation email?

When you invite a member to join the platform, they receive an email invitation.

This email contains a link that allows them to access the platform or a program directly.

This link is strictly personal. If the email is transferred to another person, the URL will redirect to the original recipient’s platform.

Recommendation: To ensure that the link in the invitation email is only used by the original recipient, uncheck the “Pre-authenticated Links” : email links will contain a code permitting the user to directly access content, without needing to enter their password.

This option is available when you hover over your profile photo and click on Settings & Members > Advanced Options > Pre-authenticated Links:


Here, the option has been disabled. If a learner transfers their email, they’ll be redirected to the login portal.


3 – How can I follow-up with learners who haven’t logged on to the platform?

When you invite learners to join your 360Learning workspace, you have the option of monitoring and following-up with pending invitations (invitations you’ve sent but that users haven’t opened).

Pending invitations can be found in Settings and Members > Members > Invitations:


Click on the  button Screen_Shot_2017-08-08_at_10.45.48.png to send a Follow-up Message. You can select all, or some, of the invitations by checking the box on the right:


Here, all invitations have been selected

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