Send reminders to learners who are registered in a program

As part of your program monitoring strategy, you have the option to follow-up with your learners.

In this article, you’ll find information on: 

1 - Automatic reminders

2 - Setting up a reminder from the program settings page

3 - Setting up a reminder from the program dashboard

4 - Monitor your reminders

5 - Follow-up with program invitations


1 – Automatic reminders

An automatic follow-up message is sent to all learners who haven’t activated their account 7 and 14 days after receiving a program invitation email.

A message is also automatically sent 24 hours before the end of a program to all learners who haven’t yet completed the program.


2 – Setting up a reminder from the program settings page

You can set up a manual follow-up message from the program Settings menu.

On your program page, click on the gear icon Capture_d_e_cran_2017-03-29_a__16.18.24.png .

In the program management window, in the Individual Results section, click on the Send a reminder button:


In the window that opens, you can select the users you want to send a message to. You can filter your follow-up message by label and platform registration date:


You have the option of personalizing your follow-up message:



3 - Setting up a reminder from the program dashboard

From your program dashboard, you can follow-up with learners based on their progress in the program.

The Course Progress chart shows learner progress for the courses that make up your program.

Click on the bars on the chart to obtain a list of learners based on their progress in the program and follow-up with them.


In the above illustration, we can see:

  • "Enrolled": 5 learners were invited but didn’t click on the link in the email invitation. They’ll receive an automatic reminder 7 and 14 days following their registration date.
  • "Registered Members": 54 people haven’t started the first course yet
  • "Course #1": 3 people started, but haven’t finished, the first course
  • "Course #2": 1 person has started course 2 but hasn’t finished yet

Click on the diagram for course 1 to access detailed information concerning learners who’ve started the course but didn’t finish:



4 – Monitor your reminders

You can monitor follow-up messages sent to your learners. Navigate to the program Settings menu and click on Send a reminder to access your follow-up message history.

The window that opens will allow you to send follow-up messages and consult the number of messages and dates of previous follow-up messages that have been sent to learners.



5 – Follow-up with program invitations

From the Settings and Members tab, the platform Owner and Administrators can send reminder emails following learner invitation emails.


This concerns all learners that received an invitation to join the platform by email but haven’t registered or set up their account.

Hover over your profile photo and click on Settings and Members > Members > Invitations > Sent.

Click on Send a reminder to send a follow-up message to learners.

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