Monitor user and groups statistics

Your 360Learning platform allows you to easily monitor learner data and statistics for your members and learning communities.

This article explains how to:

1 - Get statistics by learner

2 - Get statistics by group


1 – Get statistics by learner

A - Download statistics by learner

Access learner statistics by navigating to the Dashboard > Members section.


Click on the name of the user to access the following data:

  • Average score
  • Time spent training on the platform
  • Score by skill
  • Detailed learner results for programs and courses they’re enrolled in
  • Details for questions they’ve answered
  • Acquired skills and badges
  • Certificates obtained by the learner

Click on the arrow icon to download these documents Capture_d_e_cran_2017-03-24_a__12.15.57.png.


B - Downloading certificates obtained by leaners

 You can download certificates obtained by learners directly from their individual Dashboard in the Certifications section.   

To download a certificate, simply click on the name of the certificate in question. 


C - Statistics for a member that has been removed from the platform

Statistics for deleted members remain available from the Members > Deleted menu. If the member’s profile is reactivated, their account and statistics will remain intact.


Data can be downloaded using the same process as for an active member.


 2 – Get statistics by group

In the same way that you can monitor individual member statistics, you can also monitor statistics of your communities and learner groups.

Statistics are available in the Groups tab of your Dashboard.


The Group Dashboard contains the following indicators:

  • Time spent training on the platform of learners in the groups
  • Participation and completion rates for the programs the group has been assigned to
  • Group social activity 

As for individual member data, you can also download group statistics by clicking on the arrow icon Capture_d_e_cran_2017-03-24_a__12.15.57.png.



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