Analyze and Export your Training Data


Your 360Learning platform has an integrated analytics tools to help you better manage your training programs and learner community.

The Dashboard is accessible via the main platform menu:


In this article, we’ll cover:

1 - Data visibility based on member roles

2 - Overview of the data and analytics available on your dashboard

3 - Exporting your training data


1 – Data visibility based on member roles

Users have different permissions for viewing statistics based on their role:

  • The platform Owner and Administrators have access to all platform data: including all platform learners, groups, programs and courses.
  • Trainers can access the statistics for groups and learners they are the reference point for. They also have access to the statistics for programs they are reference points for and courses that they are author or co-author of.
  • Managers have access to the statistics of the learners they manage.
  • Learners can only access their personal data.


2 – Overview of the data and analytics available on your dashboard

3 – Exporting your training data

All figures, charts and tables displayed in the dashboard can be exported in image or CSV format. Exported statistics comply with all OPCA requirements to confirm and attest to learner attendance.

Click on the arrow iconCapture_d_e_cran_2017-03-23_a__16.22.40.png to export data in CSV format:


Select the desired level of export granularity and click on Download. You can filter data based on date, member and group as well as by granularity (programs, courses, questions, etc.).



For instance, here we have exported the program statistics for 1 program

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