User roles

In this article, we will go aver the different platform roles you can assign to your users on your 360Learning platform. 

Head over to this article to find out more about the notifications users will receive depending on their roles.

1 - Assigned roles vs. advanced roles

2 - How do I assign or modify roles?

3 - Learner

4 - Author

5 - Coach

6 - Administrator

7 - Owner

8 - Legal representative 

9 - Advanced Role: Tutor

10 - Advanced Role: Manager

11 - Advanced Role: Course Co-Author


1 - Assigned roles vs. Advanced roles

There are 2 different types of roles on your 360Learning platform:

  • Basic roles: Learner, Coach, Author, Admin. You must assign at least one of these roles for the account to be created. 
  • Advanced roles: Tutor, Manager, Course co-author. You will be able to assign these roles once the account has been created. We will show you how to add these roles in the next few sections of the article :)


2 – How do I assign or modify roles?

A – Inviting users via email

From the My Workspace > Users > Add users menu, select the role you want to assign to the new user in the group(s):


B – Setting up an account

From the My Workspace > Users > Set an account menu, select the role you want to assign to the new user in the group(s):


C – Setting up multiple accounts

This feature allows you to create multiples in one go. To make things even easier we have created a CSV template which you can fill in and import onto the platform. This template is attached in this article. 

Fill in the following numbers to define the role of each user:

  • 0 = Administrator
  • 1 = Coach
  • 2 = Author
  • 3 = Learner


This role will be assigned within the group you have chosen. To select the group you will have to put in the group ID (click here to find where to get a group ID). 

💡Good to know: if you wish to add a user to multiple groups, you will have to fill in one row per role within a group. 

D – Modifying a role

You can modify the role of a user at any time by navigating to the My WorkplaceMembers menu. Click on the profile you want to modify and the new role you want to assign to the user:


Also, you can modify a role directly via the group. Go to the group's settings > Members menu to assign a new role.


3 - Learner

A Learner follows the training programs to which he's been enrolled and can use the platform social features.

Learner rights include:

  • Access to the training programs 
  • Ability to post messages in the newsfeed 
  • Access the trainings that are available in the catalog 
  • Access his personal learning analytics (by hovering over the profile picture + clicking on the My Results menu)


4 - Author

An Author creates training courses.

Author rights include:

  • All Learner permissions
  • Ability to create training courses and programs


5 - Coach

Coaches monitor the activity of the group. 

Coach rights include:

  • All Author permissions
  • Ability to watch trainings which are in the Coaches' Library
  • Access to the group's training statistics from the Dashboard menu
  • Ability to add the group to a new session


6 - Administrator

An administrator manages platform settings.

Administrator rights include:

  • All Coach permissions
  • Ability to set up the group settings
  • Ability to set up the Public Channel (if appointed as Admin of the company-wide group)
  • Access to the Advanced Settings of the platform (if appointed as Admin of the company-wide group)
  • Access to badge creation (if appointed as Admin of the company-wide group)
  • Can validate registrations that have been sent by group coaches (if the validation option is activated)


7 - Owner

There is only one Owner per platform. 

Owner rights include:

  • All Administrator permissions
  • Access to Billing information


8 - Legal Representative

The Legal Representative is the face of your company for all subjects related to your Public Channel. Their name and information will be displayed on all Public Channel invoices.

You can edit the Legal Representative info from the My Workspace > Users > Legal Representative menu:


9 – Advanced Role: Tutor

Tutors are in charge of a program.

Add a Tutors from the program Settings menu, in the Session section:

Tutor rights include: 

  • Access the statistics to the programs they’ve been assigned to
  • Reception of program-related notifications (login information, comments, posts, program completed)
  • Correction of open questions
  • Correction of assessment steps
  • Management of participants in the program (add/remove participants in the program)
  • Possibility to send program reminders from the session statistics

 You can add Tutors from the settings of the session:


10 - Advanced Role: Manager

This role gives you the flexibility of allowing users to supervise learner's results without having admin permissions. 

Mangers can:

  • Access their managees' statistics from the Dashboard menu
  • Receive a weekly email featuring their managees' progress (they can disable this option fro their settings)
  • Correct assessment steps

Do you want to assign a manager? Or to add trainees to a manager? Then head over to the My Workspace > Users menu and select a user. Next, click on the   Manager icon to access the menu:

Google_Chrome_2018-08-27_18-54-51_2x.pngYou’ll see the list of their Managers and assign one or more Managers to the user (1), or make them a Manager of other users (2)



11 - Advanced Role: Course Co-Author

You can add co-authors from the course edition mode:


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