Find out more about User roles



Users can perform different tasks depending on their role.






Understand the difference between Assigned Roles and Advanced Roles


There are 2 types of User Roles:

  • Assigned Roles: these Roles are determined upon registration. You must assign at least one these Roles to any user:
    •  Learner 
    • Author
    • Coach
    • Admin.

Each Role applies within a specific group. 

  • Advanced Roles: these Roles are optional. Advanced Roles are: 
    • Co-Author
    • Reviewer
    • Manager



Assign a Role 

There are 3 ways you can assign a Role:

  1. When sending an invitation from the user's group: make sure you tick the corresponding Role in the signup form


  2. When setting up an account: select the corresponding Role in the form 


  3. By importing CSV accounts: fill in the "Role" tab in the CSV template using the corresponding code (Admin = 0; Coach = 1, Author = 2; Learner = 3). If you want to add multiple Roles to a user, add one line per Role and per group.



📚 For more information: read our top tips on how to make the most of CSV import templates!




Change Roles 

To change Roles:

  1. On your Homepage, click My Workspace


  2. Click Users


  3. Click All


  4. Look for the user in the search bar and access their profile


  5. Select the new Role



Change Roles via CSV imports

Alternatively, you can change Roles for a batch of users by importing a CSV template.

To change Roles via CSV imports:

  1. On your Homepage, hover over the group and access the Settings


  2. Access the Users tab


  3. Click Add users


  4. Click Set up multiple accounts


  5. Download the template


  6. Fill in the "Role" tab in the CSV template using the corresponding code (Admin = 0; Coach = 1, Author = 2; Learner = 3)


    💡Tip: When updating an account, you only need to fill in the following columns: Email, Role, Group ID, additional information (optional), labels (optional).


  7. When your import file is ready, paste the content into the platform and select the desired option in the Group and Roles section

    💡Tip:  We suggest you test out the file using 4 or 5 test accounts. This will help you get a better understanding of how the template works.




Find out more about Learners

Learners attend courses and programs. 

Learners can:

  • Access assigned programs
  • Access programs and courses in the Catalog
  • Post messages in the group's newsfeed
  • Post messages in the course forum
  • Access their own stats from the My Results menu
  • Edit their profile from the My Settings menu

Watch the video below to preview the platform as a Learner:




Find out more about Authors

Authors create courses and programs. 

In addition to Learners' permissions, Authors can:

  • Create courses
  • Assign Co-Authors & Reviewers to the course
  • Post internal comments in the course forum
  • Create program templates
  • Create program sessions
  • Share courses and programs in the group's library
  • Access global statistics for their courses and programs from the Dashboard


Change a course's Author

By default, the user who creates a new course will be considered Author for this course.

To assign a new Author:

  1. On your Homepage, access the Training Programs menu


  2. Select the desired course


  3. Access the course General Settings


  4. In the Authors section, click the Author's profile picture


  5. Select a new Author from the list

💡Tip:  when an Author's account is deleted, their courses are still visible and editable. 




Find out more about Co-Authors

Co-Authors edit courses collaboratively.  


Co-Authors can:

  • Edit course activities
  • Add activities into the course
  • Remove activities from the course
  • Add other Co-Authors or Reviewers to the course
  • Post internal comments in the course forum
⚠️ Important: to assign a user as Co-Author, that user needs to have the Author role.


To assign a Co-Author:

  1. On your Homepage, access the Training Programs menu


  2. Select the desired course


  3. Access the course General Settings


  4. In the Co-Authors section, click the + button


  5. Select Co-Author(s) and click CONFIRM





Find out more about Reviewers

Reviewers proofread the course before it's shared to your Learners.

Reviewers can:

  • Read the course
  • Post internal comments in the course forum. These comments will be visible by the course Author, Co-Author(s) as well as the group's Admins, Authors and Coaches. Learners can't see internal comments.
💼 Course Reviewers are only available with the 360Learning Leadership solution. For more information on the Leadership solution, click here.


To assign Reviewers:

⚠️ Important: to assign a Reviewer to your course, make sure your course is published (= no longer in the Training Programs > Courses > Drafts menu).


  1. On your Homepage, access the Training Programs menu


  2. Select the desired course


  3. Access the course General Settings


  4. In the Reviewers section, click the + button


  5. Select Reviewers and click CONFIRM


  6. Once assigned, Reviewers will receive an email and be able to access the course

📚 For more information: read our tips on collaborative editing.




Find out more about Managers

Managers monitor their Learners' results. 


To appoint a user as Manager:

  1. On your Homepage, click My Workspace


  2. Click Users


  3. Click All


  4. Look for the user in the search bar and access their profile


  5. Access the Managers icon


  6. Access the Managees tab


  7. Select the user's Managees, and click CONFIRM



💡Tip:  you can add multiple Managees simultaneously by clicking Add email addresses and pasting the list of your managees' email addresses. Just make sure you're adding active accounts.


Watch the video below the preview the platform as a Manager:



Find out more about Instructors

Instructors supervise program sessions. 


Instructors can:

  • Access the session settings
  • Edit the session settings
  • Add or remove learners to the session
  • Add or remove instructors to the session
  • Access the session statistics from the Dashboard
  • Access the program template statistics from the Dashboard
  • Send reminders to Learners
  • Correct open questions
  • Correct assessment steps
  • Validate open registration requests 


To assign Instructors:

  1. On your Homepage, access the Training Programs menu


  2. Go to Programs


  3. Select the desired program


  4. In the Sessions box, click the desired session. You can also create a new session by clicking the + button


  5. In the Team section, click the + button


  6. Select your instructor(s) and click CONFIRM

📚 For more information: Instructors receive email notifications related to their sessions. Find out more about the notifications they receive.



Find out more about Coaches

Coaches facilitate their group(s).


Group Coaches can:

  • Access the group's general settings
  • Post messages in the group's newsfeed
  • Access the group's library
  • Play courses from the group's library
  • Create sessions from templates in the group's library
  • Assign programs in the group's library to the group
  • Share content from the Library into the Catalog
  • Access the group statistics from the Dashboard
  • Access statistics for the group's programs from the Dashboard


⚠️ Important: Group Coaches can only facilitate their own group(s), whereas platform Coaches can see all users from public groups.



Find out more about Administrators

Administrators manage their group(s) and create new groups.


In addition to Authors' and Coaches' permissions, Admins can:

  • Edit all the group's settings (including confidentiality level)
  • Add/remove users into the group
  • Manage invitations to the group (including sending reminders)
  • Create badges


Find out more about platform Administrators

⚠️ Important: platform Admins can see and manage the entire platform. 


In addition to group Admins' permissions, platform Admins can:



Find out more about the Owner

The Owner supervises the platform. 

In addition to Platform Admins' permissions, the Owner can:

  • Access billing information


Change the platform's Owner

The current Owner can assign a new platform Owner. 

To assign the new Owner:

  1. On your Homepage, click My Workspace


  2. Click Users


  3. Click All


  4. Look for the user in the search bar and access their profile


  5. Select Owner


  6. Click OK


  7. The former Owner will take on an Admin Role




Find out more about the Legal Representative

The Legal Representative is not a Role per se. Rather, it is the name that will appear on your invoices when selling training programs via your Public Channel

To give more information about the Legal Representative:

  1. On your Homepage, click My Workspace


  2. Click Users


  3. Click Legal representative


  4. Fill in the form. Click anywhere on your screen to save your edits

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