Different platform roles

On the platform, the user’s role gives them access to a set of features. There are 2 types of roles:

  • Roles assigned at registration: Owner, Administrator, Author, Learner
  • Advanced roles, can be assigned based on platform activity and are cumulative: Tutor, Manager, Co-Author, Coach

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1 - How do I assign or modify roles?

2 - Learner

3 - Author

4 - Administrator

5 - Owner

6 - Advanced Role: Tutor

7 - Advanced Role: Manager

8 - Advanced Role: Course Co-Author

9 - Advanced Role: Coach


1 – How do I assign or modify roles?

A – Assign a role at registration

From the Settings and Members > Members > Add Members menu, select the role you want to assign to the new user:



B – Setting up an account

From the Settings and Members > Members > Add Members menu, select the role you want to assign to the new user:


C – Setting up multiple accounts

Access this feature from the Settings and Members > Members > Add Members > Configure Multiple Accounts menu.

In the rows you add (or directly using the CSV file), fill in the following numbers to define the role of each user:

  • 0 = Administrator
  • 1 = Author
  • 2 = Learner

D – Modifying a role

You can modify the role of a user at any time by navigating to the Settings and Members > Members menu and clicking on the profile you want to modify. Select the new role you want to assign to the user:


2 - Learner

A Learner follows the training programs to which he's been enrolled and can use the platform social features.

A Learner:

  • Can access the training programs for which he's been signed up
  • Can post messages in the newsfeed of his group(s)
  • Can access the trainings that are available in the catalog of his group(s)
  • Can access his own learning analytics


3 - Author

An Author creates training courses.

An Author:

  • Has all Learner permissions
  • Can create training courses and access their statistics from the Dashboard menu


4 - Administrator

An administrator manages platform settings.

An Administrator:

  • Has all Author permissions
  • Can set up the platform
  • Can set up the Public Channel
  • Can validate registrations that have been sent by group coaches (if the validation option is activated)
  • Has access to all the learning analytics of the platform


5 - Owner

There is only one Owner per platform. 

The Owner:

  • Has all Administrator permissions
  • Can access Billing information
  • Can download courses in JSON format from the Advanced Settings menu


6 – Advanced Role: Tutor

A Tutor is either a Learner, a Trainer, an Administrator or The Owner.

Tutors are in charge of a program.

Add a Tutors from the program Settings menu, in the Session section:


A Tutor can:

  • Access the statistics to the programs they’ve been assigned to
  • Receive program-related notifications (login information, comments, posts, program completed)
  • Correct open questions
  • Add/remove participants from their program(s)
  • Follow-up with program participants


7 - Advanced Role: Manager

A Manager can be a Learner, Trainer, Administrator or even the Platform Owner.

Designate a Manager from the Dashboard > Members menu:

  • Select the member you want to designate as Manager
  • Click on the Settings icon 
  • Click on the Manager icon 
  • You’ll see the list of their Managers and assign one or more Managers to the user (1), or make them a Manager of other users (2)


A Manager can:

  • Access the statistics for programs assigned to learners they supervise from the Dashboard. They can also download stats by clicking on the associated icon and defining the desired level of data granularity.
  • Receive a weekly activity report for the learners they manage (if they have ongoing programs). Managers can uncheck this option from the notifications center.
  • Confirm validation steps

Please Note: Managers can’t retrieve certificates awarded to learners they manage or be copied in the email containing the certificate.


8 - Advanced Role: Course Co-Author

A Co-Author can be a Author, Administrator or Owner.

Add Co-Authors from the course editing menu.

A Co-Author can:

  • Edit courses
  • Access course statistics


 9 - Advanced Role: Coach

A group is made up of members and a Team of Trainers.

Coach can:

  • Edit group settings
  • Invite and remove members from their groups
  • Create training programs
  • Access statistics from programs sent to their groups
  • Access statistics for all programs taken by members of their group(s)
  • Send reminder emails to learners of their groups
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