Removing users from the platform

You can easily remove one or more members from the platform. Several options are available:

1 - Removing a member

2 - Removing multiple members at the same time

3 - Automatic member deactivation

4 - Oops! Re-invite a member that was removed


1 – Removing a member

To remove a member from your 360Learning workspace, navigate to Settings & Members > Members > Remove Member.

Click on the account you want to delete, and click on Delete this member on the user's page:




2 – Removing multiple members at the same time

You can delete multiple accounts at the same time:

  • In the Settings & Members > Members > Remove Members > Remove Multiple Accounts menu, copy/paste the list of email addresses you want to delete
  • You can also remove all members of a group by going to the Setting & Members > Members > Remove Members > Remove by Group menu. Members who belong only to this group will be deleted. Profiles of users that are in one or more other groups will not be deleted.


3 – Automatic member deactivation

Automatic deactivation allows you to schedule the removal date of a member.
To configure an automatic deactivation date:

  • Go to Settings & Members > Members
  • Select the learner’s profile
  • Check the Automatic Deactivation option
  • Choose a date using the calendar  

A reminder email will be sent 24 hours before the profile is deleted.



Here, Barbara’ profile will be removed on September 30th, 2017.


4 – Oops! Re-invite a member that was removed

To re-invite a member whose profile was removed, simply re-invite them to the platform.

The account will appear as it was before being deleted; statistics and program progress will remain intact.

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