Different ways of viewing a program: via an assigned program, via the catalog, retaking a program

There are several ways for a learner to take a podcast. In this article we're going to cover them!

1 - The program has been assigned to learners

2 - The program is available in open access in the catalog

5 - Can learners retake a program?


1 – The program has been assigned to learners

First off, learners can take a program for which they have been registered:

  • They can access it via the invitation
  • Also, once they're logged into the platform they can find the program by hovering over their profile picture and clicking on "... programs in progress"

Please note: via the program, learners will have to take courses according to the program order. They will not be able to take the courses as they like. 


2 – The program is available in open access in the catalog

Learners can also take the program via the catalog (provided you added the program in the first place). To add a program into the catalog, go to the Advanced Options of the program session. 

If a program is available in the catalog:

  • They will not receive an invitation, but will be able to find the program via the Browse section of the catalog
  • They can choose whether they want to sign up for the program or not
  • If they choose to take the program, it will work the same as for an assigned program. For instance, learners will receive program reminders. 


3 – Redo a program that’s already been viewed

There are 3 ways learners can retake a program

  • First, the learner can view the course activities a second time via the My Results > Programs menu. By clicking on the eye-shaped icon , the learner will be taken to the program page:


  • If all the program courses are available in the catalog, learners will be able to retake them by browsing the catalog. Please note that only 360Learning customers with a Starter or User-Pack billing plan can publish courses in the catalog.
  • And lastly, you can always register the learner to a new program session. 
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