Managing programs

This article contains our best tips for managing your training programs:

1 - Finding a program

2 - Duplicating a program

3 - Deleting a program

4 - Restoring an archived program


1 – Finding a Program

A program is composed of:

  • A template: it’s your training structure
  • A session: the instance related to your program, with dates that learners are registered for.

A - Finding a program template

To find your program template, navigate to the Training > Programs menu: Access your template:

  • In Open Programs: programs with one or more session(s) created
  • In Archived programs: programs you’ve added to the trash.


B - Finding a program session

  • Search for the program template that the session was created from
  • Click on the number from the Sessions column to view all sessions related to the program


  • Navigate to the Training > Programs menu
  • Search for the program template and access the Settings menu Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_10.48.08.png
  • Find all sessions related to the program in the box on the left


Here, we can see that the program has only one session


2 – Duplicating a Program

Duplicating a program allows you to copy and reuse an existing template. 

To do so, head over to the Trainings > Programs menu and click on the Duplication icon next to the program template you want to copy:


When a program is duplicated, the settings of the initial program are maintained:

  • Title
  • Cover image or program video
  • Description
  • Estimated work time
  • Skills
  • Program structure

C – Duplicating a session?

 It’s not possible to duplicate a program session. However, you can create a new program session with the same settings.


3 – Deleting a Program

A - Deleting a program template

️ Please Note: The possibility to delete programs is only available for the User and 360Learning Premium offers

To permanently delete a program, you must first archive it. We have specifically designed these steps to avoid any accidental or unintentional program deletions.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the program Settings Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_10.48.08.png
  • On the right-hand side of your screen, click on Archive
  • Your program will no longer be visible, but you can also choose to permanently delete it using the corresponding button

⚠️ Please Note: deleting a program is permanent! ⚠️

Please Note: A program that has been permanently deleted will no longer be visible in learner statistics.

B – Deleting a program session?

Sessions must be conserved to avoid bugs in learner statistics, it is therefore not possible to delete a program session.

However, you can remove a learner’s access to a session by un-enrolling them in the program by unchecking their name in the Participants tab.


4 – Restoring an Archived Program

To restore an archived program:

  • Navigate to the Training > Programs > Archived menu and select the desired program.
  • Click on Restore to retrieve the program
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