Program General Information

1 - Quick overview of General Program Information

2 - Focus on program Tutors


1 – Quick overview of general program information

The below image shows the program Settings menu. Hover over the blue dots on the interactive map to learn more about the General Information:

You can also change aspects of the program Session:

  • Program start and end dates
  • Program participants (individuals or groups)


2 – Focus on program tutors

Each program must have a Tutor.  By default, the Tutor will be the person who created the program.

The program tutor can:

  • Manage social interactions
  • Correct open questions
  • Follow-up with learners and monitor their progress

To access the list of Tutors for a program:

  • Navigate to the program presentation page
  • Tutors for the program in question are shown in the below section:


To modify program Tutors, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to access program Settings.

In the Tutors section, click on the + button to access the list of Tutors for the program.

To add a Tutor:

  • Select the person using the box on the right
  • Confirm your choice 

To delete a Tutor:

  • Unselect the person using the box on the right
  • Confirm your choice 
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