Program General Information

The General Program Information is the very first section you're going to fill in when creating the program. Let's get you started!

In this article we'll go over:

1 - Where to find the Program General Info

2 - An overview of General Program Information

3 - General Program Information vs. General Session Information

4 - Focus on program Tutors


1 - Where do you find the Program general Info?

The General Information for the program is available anytime:

  • When you create a program
  • Or in the program settings (= via the Trainings > Programs menu)


2 – Overview of General program Information

Hover over the interactive image below to find out more about the Program General Information!



3 - General Program Information vs. General Session Information

You can edit program General Information 2 ways:

  • First, from the program template
    • The template General Information will be applied from new sessions onwards
    • If you make changes in the template General Information, then the General Info will not be modified for existing sessions. You will have to go into each sessions and make the changes.
  • You can also edit program General Information from the program session at anytime


4 – Focus on program tutors

Each program session must have at least one Tutor.  By default, the Tutor will be the person who created the program.

The program tutor:

You can assign program tutors from the program session:

  • Navigate to the program page
  • Click on Tutors to access the list of tutors for the program


Click on the "+" button to add or remove Tutors.

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