SCORM courses: integration & user guide

SCORM is a set of technical standards for creating structured educational elements. In e-learning, a SCORM package is a set of files that correspond to a training course. This package is generally in the form of a compressed .zip file.

You'll find all topics related to Scorm courses below:

1 - Integrating a Scorm course on the platform

2 - Adding a Scorm course to a training program

3  - Scorm User Guide


1 – Integrating a Scorm course on the platform

To add a SCORM file to your training program, you must integrate it as a course.

To do so, navigate to the Trainings menu and click on the Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_16.46.06.png icon on the bottom of the page:


A course creation window will open, click on the button for integrating SCORM (.zip) files as shown below:

Scorm files are integrated and considered as a standalone course, it’s not possible to add additional activities to the course.

To add other activities (worksheets, questions) after the Scorm course, you will need to insert them into another course and integrate both courses into a training program.


2 – Adding a Scorm course to a training program

Once your Scorm package has been integrated into a course and published, you’ll need to add it to a training program just like any other e-learning course.

Please Note: You are unable to set a time limit (minimum or maximum) for Scorm courses as part of your training program structure.

Please also Note: 360Learning provides an interface for SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. The client course will call the version of SCORM that it supports. The information retrieved from the SCORM course is the overall score and the total time spent on the course. How this information is communicated depends on the version of SCORM.


3 – Scorm User Guide

Below you’ll find a list of issues you may encounter with SCORM courses and a list of suggested fixes.

1 - The “close” button on the SCORM course does not close the window. The button closes the course page on the 360Learning app but the Scorm window remains open.

Possible Issue: This button was coded in your SCORM file and the window was opened by SCORM (as opposed to the function “This course must be opened in a new window” of the 360Learning platform), 360Learning does not have access to the course.

Please Note: You should not use the “This course must be opened in a new window” function because, in JavaScript, we don’t have any rights on the windows we haven’t opened. Your SCORM manages the opening of this window, so it will also need to manage closing it.

2 - Progress is not saved in memory

Possible Issue: This function is actually working properly, however, SCORM only sends bookmarking information (where you left off) when you click on the “close” button in SCORM. If you close the window using the browser, course progress information will not be sent to the 360Learning platform.

3 – You sometimes see this error message: "LMS API not found"

Suggested Fix: You must enable the option to “always allow popups on”. If the browser blocks them and we “Allow this time”, it won’t work properly. Popups must be opened (continuously) without attempting to block them.

4 -  Sound from my SCORM course is not being played

Possible Issue: Sounds in your SCORM package may be Flash files (*.swf). This problem is not related to the 360Learning platform and is probably due to an updated version of Flash in the browser. Please test if the sound works in another browser as a workaround solution.

If the problem persists, contact the support of the tool that your SCORM was created with. For sound and video, only the browser and SCORM content interact (whether it’s html5, flash, etc.).

5 - My SCORM isn’t loading

Possible Issue: Your SCORM may be attempting to open unsecure content (HTTP and not HTTPS). If the 360Learning platform has been configured for HTTPS, the browser will refuse to open the file for security reasons. Setting your platform configuration to HTTP (via the Advanced Options menu) could resolve this issue.

6 - My SCORM course isn’t adapting to the window size I specified 

Possible Issue: The SCORM content isn’t responsive and doesn’t adapt to screen size. There is no recommended size and 360Learning, unfortunately, can’t help resolve this issue.  

7 - As part of a training program, I can’t move on to the course following a SCORM course.

Possible Issues:

- The *LMSFinish* function of the SCORM course was not called and the 360Learning platform doesn’t know when the course is finished.
- The SCORM course isn’t setting the correct value for "cmi.core.lesson_status" (version 1.2). If SCORM modifies the "cmi.core.lesson_status" value it must later load it as “completed” to indicate that you can move on to the next course.


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