Embed codes

an embed code (or “redirect link”) allows you to embed an object that already exists on the Internet into a course: a Google drive document, Prezi presentation, etc.

For example, our favorite online content creation tools need embed codes since the documents are created on the Internet 😉 

1 - Get a document’s embed code

2 - Generating embed codes

3 – Example integrations of embed codes on the platform

4 - Embed codes FAQs


Get a document's embed code

Get a document’s embed code

  • After creating the document, look for the  Share menu and locate the "embed" field, as shown here on Soundcloud



  • Copy the link.
  • In the course editing menu, integrate the document and copy the link in the embed code field, as shown in the screenshot below:

Google_Chrome_2018-08-16_17-31-29_2x.png Generating embed codes

You can't seem to find your document's embed code? Panic not! You can still upload your document into the platform. 

The easiest way is to create an embed code using an online embed code generator. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill in your URL in the iFrameURL field
  2. Click on </> Generate
  3. Copy/paste the embed code into the platform, in the embed address bar:



 Example integrations of embed codes

Example integrations of embed codes

Let’s try and add a Google Doc to the platform

  • From your Google account, select the file of your choice
  • Click on File then on Publish to the Web


  • Next, click on Embed, then on Publish:


  • Copy the link:


  • Paste this link in the “embed” field when adding the document to the platform:


  • Give your document a name and add a thumbnail
  • You’re all set!


Embed codes FAQs

"The embed code isn't displaying correctly"

We encourage you to make sure you have enabled cookies on your browser. Click here for more information! 

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