Integrating an embed code

an embed code (or “redirect link”) allows you to embed an object that already exists on the Internet into a course: a Google drive document, Prezi presentation, etc.

For example, our favorite online content creation tools need embed codes since the documents are created on the Internet 😉 

1 - Get a document’s embed code  

2 – Example integration of an embed code on the platform


1 – Get a document’s embed code

  • After creating the document, look for the  Share menu and locate the "embed" field, as shown here on Soundcloud



  • Copy the link.
  • In the course editing menu, integrate the document and copy the link in the embed code field, as shown in the screenshot below:


2 – Example integration of an embed code on the platform

Let’s try and add a Google Doc to the platform

  • From your Google account, select the file of your choice
  • Click on File then on Publish to the Web


  • Next, click on Embed, then on Publish:


  • Copy the link:


  • Paste this link in the “embed” field when adding the document to the platform:


  • Give your document a name and add a thumbnail
  • You’re all set!
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