Find out more about Cheat Sheets

A cheatsheet is an outline that you can create and edit directly from the 360Learning authoring tool.

In this article, we’ll go over the main features related to cheat sheets:

1 – Creating a cheat sheet

2 – Editing a cheat sheet

3 - Making a cheat sheet downloadable for learners

4 – Importing a cheat sheet


1 – Creating a cheatsheet

You can create a cheatsheet from the course editing menu, by clicking on the T icon.

Give it a title and add text by using the different formatting options available (title, formatting, text alignment, bullet points, etc.)

A – Writing tips:

✅ Recommendations:

  • Favor title formats
  • Any particularly important concept or word? Put it in bold or underline it.
  • A book or word in a foreign language? Use italics
  • To show what not to do, cross text out, like this.
  • Use lists or bullet points to better sequence your content.
  • Include links to additional resources.

️ What NOT to do

  • Don’t exclusively use lists or bullet points: structure and introduce elements with titles.
  • Don’t simultaneously highlight and underline text: it makes it harder to read.

B - Add a main document to the cheat sheet

To insert an image at the top of the cheat sheet, click on the grey button to the right of the editing menu, as shown on the below screenshot:



2 – Editing a cheat sheet

You can update a cheat sheet at any time from the course editing menu. Modifications will be taken into account for all courses that use this activity. Don't hesitate to make a copy of the cheat sheet if you wish to keep 2 separate versions!


3 – Making a cheat sheet downloadable for learners

You can make cheat sheets downloadable (PDF format) so that your learners can save and print them.

To activate this option, navigate to the editing menu and check This cheat sheet will be downloadable by the learners.



4 - Importing a cheat sheet

The importation tool allows you to use a cheat sheet that you’ve already created.

To import a cheat sheet, click on the creation icon and click on Import an existing outline, select the cheat sheet(s) you want to upload and confirm your choice. 

Two important things to note about importing cheat sheets:

  • An imported cheat sheet/question can only be modified by the author of the outline/question. Don't hesitate to make a copy of the cheat sheet if you wish to edit it.
  • An activity modified in one course is also modified in all courses that contain the activity.
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