Course availability: via a training program, via the Coaches' Library, via the catalog

There are several ways you can share a course with your learners. Keep reading to find out more!

1 - Course availability via the training program

2 - Course availability via the Coaches' Library

3 - Course availability via the training catalog


1 - Course availability via the training program

First, you can always share a course within a program. To do so, you will need to create a program and register learners to the session.

A few things to point out:

  • It's not possible to sign up learners to a single course. Don't hesitate to create a mini program with a single course!
  • If you only want to share document, why not publish them via the group's social feed?
  • It's not possible to let learners choose which course to start within a program. They must take the first course and follow the program's pedagogical order.


2 - Course availability in the coaches Library

You are looking for a way to let group coaches see the courses for the group? The Coaches Library allows you to share courses to the group's coaches, even if they didn't create the courses in the first place 👍. 

Who can manage the coaches Library? The platform owner or group admins can put content in the coaches Library.

How do you put out content in the coaches Library? In the course editor, click on General Settings and go to the Share your course section

  • Next to the Coaches Library line, click on Groups +
  • Choose the groups for which the content will be available in the Library



Or, you can do so via the group settings:

  • Go to the Trainings section
  • In the Library > Courses section, click on the "+" icon to select a course:



3 - Course availability in the training catalog

⚠️Please note: putting out courses in the catalog is only available for customers with the 360Learning Starter and User Packs billing plans.⚠️

You want your learners to retake courses? You have a selection of optional courses that you wish to publish in open access? Then the catalog is for you! 

Who can manage the training catalog? The platform owner and group admins can manage the catalog.

How do you put out courses in the catalog? You can add a course in a group's training catalog from the course editor.

In the course editor, click on General Settings and go to the Share your course section:

  • Next to the Catalog line, click on ... Groups +
  • Select the groups who will be able to find the course in the learning catalog


Alternatively, you can select the courses that will be visible in the group catalog directly from the group settings:

  • Go to the Trainings > Catalog > Courses section
  • Click on the "+" icon to select a course:


In the catalog, learners will be able to retake courses by hitting the Refresh button:


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