General Course Information

After creating a course, you can fill out general information:

1 - Author / Co-Author

2 – Course Language


1 - Author / Co-Author

A – Course Author

There can only be one main author per course.



…And here, we can see that she created this program course!

By default, the user that creates the course is the designated author.

To change the author:

  • Add them as a co-author
  • Then, the other co-author needs to log on to remove the first co-author.

Please note: an administrator can modify the main course author who is no longer part of the team/company. To do so:

  • Delete the author’s profile, if you haven’t already
  • Designate a new author.  

B – Course Co-Author

The main author can add co-authors. Just like for the main author, a co-author could be a trainer, administrator or the platform owner.

To add a co-author, click on the + button below co-author and select the user(s).


2 – Course Language

By default, the course language is set to the language configured in the author’s profile.


If my profile is set to Spanish, my courses will be set to Spanish by default.

You can select a course language from the 20 options offered in the dropdown menu. This will allow you to filter courses in the Programs menu and to search by language in the catalogue.

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