Face to face sessions

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When creating your training program, you have the option of integrating a section with information on an attended class:

In this article we'll go over:

1 - How to add a face to face class to your program

2 - How to set up the face to face session within the program


1 – Add a face to face session to your program

In the course editing menu, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the Face to face section:



2 – How to set up a face to face session within a program

A - Setting up the the face to face session in the program template

Hover over the interactive image below to find out more about the elements you can set up!


B - Setting up the face to face session within the program session

Click here to find out how to create a training session!

Via the session settings you will be able to edit all the elements that are related to this event only: date, times, address, training team. 

All you have to do is access the session settings!

When will learners see this item? Learners will be notified by email 24 hours before the attended class starts:

Did you know that learners can add this event to their calendar by clicking on the item? Also, they will be able to have a look at the itinerary via Google Maps. 

Please note: an attended class is an integral part of a program. Trainees will not be able to continue with the program until the session is completed.

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