Program courses

The 360Learning authoring tool allows you to create e-learning courses that will then be integrated into training programs along with other blocks (webinars, attended conference, certificates, etc.)

Here are the different options available for your course when it’s part of a program:

1 - Course mode and evaluation threshold

2 - Time limits (minimum and maximum) for viewing courses

3 - Course dates and availability


1 – Course mode and evaluation threshold

The course mode will determine how learners will take the course (in terms of course evaluation and number of attempts).

When part of a program, 3 course modes are available for e-learning courses:

  • Training Mode:Learners take the course and can continue the program once they’ve finished the course. Corrections and the forum are displayed directly after a learner answers a question. In “training” mode, you cannot set a minimum score.  You can use the training mode to test learner knowledge and help them improve.
  • Learning Mode: In practice mode, you have the option of setting a minimum score. If no score has been defined, the learner will be able to continue to the next course without having to redo the current course. If a minimum score has been defined, the learner will have to redo the course until they obtain it. In both cases, corrections and the forum will not be displayed until the end of the course (you need to click on the activity in question to see them).
  • Evaluation Mode: The learner has only one attempt to complete the course. Corrections and the forum will be displayed at the end of the course. If you’ve set a minimum score for obtaining a certificate, the learner will only be certified if they successfully complete the course.
    • Please note #1: If the learner exits the course, the program will be completed. The learner won't be able to resume the program.
    • Please #2: If the learner's score is above the minimum score, they will be able to continue the program.
  • Challenge Mode: Game on! With this mode, learners have to answer as fast and as accurately as possible to make it to the top. The correction text and the contextual forum will only be available once the learners has answered the questions. Also, the learner will have access to his overall placing compared with other users.


In this example, we’ve set the course to Training mode with a minimum score of 70%.


2 – Time limits (minimum and maximum) for viewing courses

You have the option of setting time limits for taking courses.

To do so, simply activate the Time Limit option for the course in question, check either Min. or Max. and set the limit:


A new condition has been added to this course: learners will need to view the course for at least 30 minutes 

Please note: It is not possible to set a time limit (min. or max.) for a SCORM course.


3 – Course dates and availability

Lastly, you can also choose to unlock the course on a specified date. Simply check the Availability option and set the date and time using the calendar:


The course will be available on 06/05/2017 at 10:30 AM.

Learners will receive an email notification when the course becomes available:


Please Note: An email will be sent for each new course that becomes available. To avoid sending too many emails, set an availability date only for the first course of the series of courses you want to make available. The following courses will be automatically available on the selected date but learners will not receive an email notification.  

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