Advanced Options for a Program

The advanced options help you manage your program:

1 - Where are the advanced options?

2 - Make a program available in the coaches' library

3 - Open access and creating a waiting list

4 - BCC invitations

5 - Public Channel: availability, price and making the first course accessible in open access


1 – Where are the advanced options?

Advanced options are in the Settings section of the program Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_10.48.08.png. Click on the gray menu to display them:  


Here come the Advanced Options:



2 - Make a program available in the coaches' library

The coaches' library is an open bank of resources from which group coaches can assign content to their learners (even if they did not create the program in the first place).

To make a program available in the coaches' library, click on Coaches' Library > Groups + and select the group(s) accordingly.


3 – Open access and creating a waiting list

You can make the program available in open access. That means:

  • The program will be available in the Catalogue.
  • Learners of specified groups (visible by clicking on “Groups”) can register for the program freely, without needing an invitation from a Reference Point.  

By default, registering for open access programs is left up to learners.

You can, however, create a waiting list to manage the number of program participants.

To create a waiting list, select the Limit the number of open access registrations option and define the maximum number of program enrollees. 

If the maximum number of participants is reached, learners who want to take the program have the option of registering for the waiting list.


4 - BCC invitations

Select this option to verify the receipt of invitations. All program tutors will also be notified of invitations if this feature is enabled.  


4 - Public Channel

The Public Channel allows you to showcase your programs to external visitors.

From the Program Advanced Options:

  • First things first, you can make the program available on the Public Channel
  • For a paid program: you can activate an online payment solution (MangoPay). Upon buying a training learners will be registered automatically to the program.
  • For a free program: learners will be registered automatically to the program.
  • Also, you can make the first course available in open access. This will allow visitors to try out the program before enrollment. 
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