Modifying a program

A program is composed of different elements:

  • Courses: basic educational blocks
  • Program template: your program structure, it’s permanent
  • Program session: a program event, with start and end dates ⏰

In this article, we’ll go over how to modify:

1 – Course content

2 – The program template

3 – The program session

4 - What if the program session has ended?


1 – Modifying Course Content

You can modify course content at any point in the program. 

A – How do I modify a course?

Follow these steps to modify a course:

  • Navigate to the Trainings > Courses menu
  • Choose Published Courses
  • Select the course you want to modify
  • Make your changes

B - Modifications and the course session

When you modify the course structure (for example, you add an outline or question), these changes are not immediately visible. To see them, you must launch a new course session.


1) For an Administrator:

  • Navigate to the Training > Courses menu and find your course. Hover over the course and click on the arrow shaped like a Play button:




  • Navigate to the course editing menu for the course you’re viewing and click on Finish Editing. Then, click on the white Refresh button that will appear next to the orange play button:


2)  For a Learner:

  • You must un-enroll and re-enroll them in the program from the session Settings menu
  • Or, you can add the course to the catalog of the group the learner is in, so that they can access the course freely.  


2 – Modifying the program template

The program template can be modified at any time.

To modify a program template:

  • Navigate to the Trainings > Programs menu
  • Choose the program template 
  • Access the program settings Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_10.48.08.png
  • Then, modify the program structure

Please not: if you edit a program template, the changes you made won't be visible for existing program sessions. You will have to create a new session for the program for changes to be available.


3 – Modifying a program session

To modify elements of the program session:

  • Navigate to the Trainings > Programs menu
  • In the Sessions tab on the left, click on the corresponding event and make the desired changes.

Please Note: If a learner has already started one of the steps of the program session, it will no longer be possible to modify it. Also, you won't be able to edit the newt item which learners are going to take.


4 – What if the program session has ended?

It is not possible to modify a session that has ended. You will need to create and configure a new session.

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