Managing courses

In this article, we’re going to look at the lifecycle of a course:

1 - Finding course drafts  

2 - Sharing a course with coaches

3 - Downloading courses

4 - Deleting a course


1 – Finding course drafts

A course draft is a course that you’ve created, but have not yet published.

Course drafts are available here: Programs > Courses > Drafts:



2 – Sharing a course with coaches

You can put content in the Coaches' library so your group coaches can assign it to their groups.

To make a course available in the coaches' library, go to the course General Infirmation menu and scroll down the Advanced Options. Then, tick the group libraries for which the course will be available:


As shown above, the course will be available for the coaches of 1 groups (click on "... groups" to see which ones have been selected)

Group coaches can play the courses which are available in the Coaches' Library by clicking on it.


3 – Downloading courses

Learners cannot download courses.
However, the platform Owner can download all courses from their workspace in JSON format. Follow the instructions below to download courses:

  • Hover over your profile photo and click on Settings and Users
  • In the My Account section, select Advanced Options
  • Click on Download



4 – Deleting a course

A - From the course list

You can delete an existing course directly from the list of courses.

Hover over the course and click on the trash can icon:


B - From the General Course Information menu

You can also delete a course directly from the editing menu.

Once your course is open on the platform, hover over the General Information section and click on the cross.


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