Different ways of playing a course: within a program, via the catalog

There are two ways to view (play) courses:

1 - View a course as part of a program

2 - Go back to a course

3 - View a course via the catalog


1 – View a course as part of a program

When part of a program, the learner views courses according to a defined educational order. They cannot take courses out of order. 


2 - Go back to a course

The learner can return to a previously completed course from the program menu.

To consult course content:

  • Learners have to hover over their profile picture and go to the My Results > Programs section
  • Then, they have click on the eye icon, as shown below:


 Please note: going back to a course doesn't mean that the learner will be able to retake the course. 


3 – View a course via the catalog

💡 Please note: adding courses to the catalog is only available to 360Learning customers who have subscribed to 360Learning Starter or User Pack offers.

If the course is available in the catalogue, learners can retake it as if it were their first attempt.

To do so, they must access the course via the training catalogue, click on the Browse button and access the course. 

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