Social Features

Social features allow your learners to benefit from options inspired by current Internet practices.

This article goes over main platform social features, including:

1 - Overview of Social features

2 - Disabling Social features

3 - Analyzing Social Feature Usage  


1 - Overview of Social features

Allowing learners to interact in the contextual forums helps reinforce key messages. It also allows you to identify potential areas of improvement for your content and pinpoint concepts learners are struggling to understand.

Basically, these features drive learner engagement and help you continually improve your training content!

Finally, the "Reactions" feature helps shy learners or those who are less comfortable with collaborative options to participate in the training improvement process.

 2 - Disabling social features

By default, social features are enabled when a course is created.

You can disable the Contextual Forum from the General Settings menu of a course, in edit mode:

  • Navigate to Accelerate Engagement
  • Then, disable the forum:


When social features for a course are disabled, Reactions are also disabled.

3 - Analyzing Social Features & Reactions Usage

The Dashboard allows for in-depth analysis of statistics concerning your courses, programs and even your participants.

It is sometimes helpful to consult the per-activity reactions for a given course. Here is an explanatory video of how to access this data.

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