Creating and publishing a course

360Learning provides an authoring tool available directly on the platform. Use this tool to create your training courses and integrate them into programs.

Creating courses is a 3-step process, we’re going to look at each step in detail:

1 - Creating a Course

2 - Adding Activities (documents, outlines, questions)

3 - Publishing a Course

4 - After publishing? Editing a Course


1 – Creating a Course

On the platform you have two ways of accessing the course creation workflow:

  • From the Home Page (easiest option): Click on the Course icon


  • From the Trainings menu: Click on + Course in the lower left-hand menu, as shown below:


You’re now in the course creation menu. Your turn!

  • Give your course a title
  • Select a cover image
  • You can also add a main video, that will be played throughout the course
  • Add a summary (for example, your training objectives)

You can also define general information for the course (author, co-author, language)... Click here to read our dedicated article!


2 – Adding Activities (documents, outlines, questions)

A course can contain 3 types of activities:

A - Documents

Documents in your training courses can come from 3 different sources:

  • From your computer: Images (gif, jpg, jpeg, png, ico, bmp), videos (3gp, avi, flv, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, mts, vob, webm, wmv), PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Flash
  • From the Internet: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Prezi, Slideshare, Google Docs, ThingLink, Genially, Adways, Tiki Toki and over 2,000 other embeddable formats;
  • From your platform: If your document is already being used in another program, you can easily find it and reuse it.

Let your creativity run wild and feel free to use your favorite tools to create original content!

There is no file size limit for your documents; they will be automatically converted when you upload them to the platform. Please do note that larger documents will take longer to load.

When integrating a document, you have the option to make it downloadable for trainees by selecting this document will be donwloadable by the trainees.


B - Worksheets

A worksheet is a document that summarizes key elements that your trainees need to remember.

Worksheets have a title and a body of text, they are an easy and quick way of adding text to your course.

You can also add links, images or other formats.

C - Questions

The 360Learning platform offers 9 different types of questions.

The aim is to vary the learning experience and help learners better retain knowledge.

Tip: you can import questions you’ve already created into other courses.

Click here to read a complete review of the 


3 – Publishing a Course

You’ve filled out the general information for your course, added activities and questions…You’re all set to publish your course! 🚀

To publish a course, click on Publish in the left-hand menu.

Unable to publish? Check your activities in the left-hand column; there is surely an element or two missing. You can easily see what’s missing thanks to the little red symbol to the right of the activity title, as shown here:



In this example, you are unable to publish because the correction to the question hasn't been filled in


4 – After publishing? Editing a Course

Once a course has been published, it can be edited at any time, even if it has been integrated into a program in progress.

A - Modifying activity content

  • Document: if you are the author, you can update a document by clicking on the settings (the gear icon) and then clicking on Update the document.
  • Outline: the author and co-author can modify outline content.
  • Question: only the question author can make changes.

Please note:

  • An imported outline / question can only be modified by the author of the outline / questions. The administrator or the course co-author cannot make changes. 
  • An activity that’s modified in one course will also be modified in all of the courses that contain the activity in question.

B – Changing the order of activities

Hold your click on an activity and drag it to another place in the course to reorganize the order of course activities.

C – Deleting a course activity

To delete an activity from a course: hover over the activity, a cross will appear on the right, click on it.

Click Yes on the confirmation message.

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