Managing Advanced Options

The Advanced Options allow you to fine tune your platform’s default settings. Click on the links below to learn more about the Advanced Options:

1 - Redirection from the platform logo

2 - URL personalization

3 - Training Content Availability

4 - Notifications

5 - Invitations

6 - Access and Security

7 - Contact point for deleting personal data

8 - Downloading courses


1 - Redirection from the platform logo

This section allows you to choose what will happen when trainees click on the platform logo (left hand-side of the platform):

  •  After a click on your logo, the user gets redirected to the Home.
  • After a click on your logo, the user gets redirected to the following URL (for instance, your company's website)


2 - URL personalization

Click here to access our full tutorial on URL personalization!


3 – Training Content Availability

You can activate 3 different options for courses and programs:

  • By default, courses and programs are available to all public groups.
  • By default, new courses are available in the catalogue.
  • By default, new documents and outlines can be downloaded.


4 - Notifications

Generally, each user decides what platform notifications they wish to receive.

However, you can override 2 notification management options:

  • By default, members receive an email when a message is posted by a coach in the newsfeed
  • By default, members receive an email when a message is posted by a trainee in the newsfeed


5 - Invitations

A coach is able to invite trainees for the groups they supervise. However, as an Administrator or Owner, you have the option to validate these invitations before they are formally sent to trainees. 


6 – Access and Security

Multiple options are available:

  • Connection with an HTTPS security certificate
  • Enable an IP address filter:
    • If you enable this option, access will be denied to all users who do not have the IP address previously specified
    • You can authorize a range of IP addresses using the star symbol *
      For example, if you want to add all IP addresses starting with 192.156.32, enter 192.156.32.* in the relevant field
  • Simplified Links: you can activate this option if you are having trouble displaying emails (especially for Outlook 2007)
  • Authenticated Links: users will have to log in each time they click on a link contained in a platform email. Useful if multiple users log on from the same workstation.
  • Enable password restrictions that will force users to have a password:
    • Composed of at least 8 characters
    • Composed of at least 3 different types of character (lowercase, uppercase, number, punctuation)
    • Different than their last 5 passwords
    • Updated at least every 180 days
  • Deactivate the "remember me" option on the login page (comes in handy if several learners use the same computer!). 


7 - Contact point for deleting personal data

The contact person in your company in charge of receiving requests for deleting your members’ personal data.

Example: Mrs. Alice Marchand (

The contact person will appear in the Personal Data – Privacy Policy Terms section of the Platform Terms of Use.


8 – Downloading courses

The Platform Owner can download courses. They will be exported in JSON format.

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