Setting up your 360Learning workspace

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Your trainees will spend a significant amount of time on your platform learning, testing their knowledge, interacting, etc. To encourage continual trainee engagement, you can customize your platform to reflect your image and style. 


Customize your workspace

There are several workspaces you can customize:

  • First off, there is the general group which represents your company (look, it bears the same name as your company!). This group contains all the users who are part of public groups. To customize this group, go over your profile photo and click on Workspace > Settings:


  • You can also customize each group via the group settings. To do so, go to the group page and click on the settings tab:



Visual elements you can edit

You can edit the following items at any time:

  • Logo 
  • Favicon (platform icon visible on the tab of your web browser)
  • Company name
  • Welcome message 
  • URL (click here for the complete tutorial)
  • Background image of the login page


Recommended Image Formats and Sizes

Recommended sizes for images are as follows:

  • Workspace Logo: 250x250
  • Favicon: 16x16 or 32x32
  • Profile photo: 256 x 256
  • Group Cover Photo: 432x120
  • Program Cover Photo: 1440x480
  • Profile Cover Photo:1440x480
  • Course Cover Photo: 1100x470. More information in this article: Understand the cover image display rules
  • Public Channel Cover Photo:1440x480
  • Catalog Cover Photo:1440x480

Please note: these elements are an indication of the image resolution. The size of the picture will adapt itself according to the size of the screen.


Responsive formats

There are two types of images on the platform: fixed-size image and image sizes that are adapted to fit the size of the screen, called responsive images. In both cases, the image ratio is conserved.

💻📱 With responsive images, users can connect to the platform from a variety of devices (tablet, PC, etc.) and benefit from the same visual experience.

Fixed-size images include: 

  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Profile Photo

These images can be larger than the sizes shown above as long as the same image ratio is conserved.

Responsive images include:

  • Profile Cover Photo
  • Course Cover Photo
  • Public Channel Cover Photo
  • Catalog Cover Photo
  • Group Cover Photo
  • Program Cover Photo

These images help improve the visual aspect of the page. Depending on screen size, the image may not be visible in full, it’s therefore best to choose images without text and avoid visuals with important elements near the edge of the photo.

We recommended only using visuals with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI for responsive formats.

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