Inviting Members

This article goes over the 3 ways you can invite members to your platform:

1 - Invite members using the “Add Members” page

2 - Invite members via a group

3 - Invite members via a training program


1 – Invite members using the “Add Users” page

Head over to the Homepage, and click on the Creation > User button as shown below:


You can choose from 3 options:

A) Email invitation

B) Set an account

C) Set multiple accounts


A) Email Invitation: Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can also invite several people simultaneously by copying/pasting a list of email addresses (or separated them by a comma).

If needed, you can set an automatic account deactivation date: member(s) will be automatically removed from your platform on the specified date.

By selecting one or more groups, the members you invite will be added to the group(s).

To finish, click on Send: member(s) will receive an email invitation to join your platform workspace. The first time they log on, they will be asked to provide their first and last name and choose a password.

Please note: If you’ve selected a group with a training program assigned to it, members you invite will be invited to this training program and will also receive an invitation email for the program.

Practical example: You want to invite a group of members to a program. If members have already joined your platform, simply create a group and select the members you want to add to it and then invite the group to the program. There’s no need to go to the Add Members page because they are already on the platform. If you want to add new users, that aren’t already on the platform, and you want to invite them to a training program, you can create a group and invite the (empty) group to the program(s). Then, on the Invite via Email page, choose the user role for these members, an automatic deactivation date, if needed, the group you created for this purpose, enter user email addresses and click on Send. Users will receive an invitation email to join your workspace and an invitation email for the program the group was assigned to.

PS #1: If you want to add new members to an existing group, no need to create it, simply add the members you want to invite to the group by selecting the group via the Invite via email menu.

PS #2: When you invite a member to a program that hasn’t started yet, the member will receive the invitation email on the program start date.


B) Set an account: the same process as Invite by Email except you enter the user’s first and last name and set the password.

By clicking on Send an email with username and password the user will receive an invitation email. If you’ve added the member to a group assigned to an ongoing program, they will also receive an invitation email for the program.


C) Set Multiple Accounts: 


Tip : did you know you could export your group IDs? Head over to the Dashboard > Groups section, and download the stats Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_17.51.37.png.

The same process as setting up one account, except that you will configure multiple accounts simultaneously.

To do so, fill in the Excel template document which you can find on the platform (click on the download icon next to View instructions) as well as an attachment of this article. 

When filling the Excel document, always keep in mind that:

  • If you wish to add multiple labels/additional information/groups, use the vertical bar icon | (keyboard shortcut: Alt Gr + 6 for Windows, Alt + maj + L for Mac)
  • The Additional information field will be available in the CSV files or via the API only.
  • To register a trainee into a group, copy and paste the Group ID (which you can find on the platform by clicking on Get the ID of my groups) into the Excel document.


Also, you can set up the account's default language by using the shortcuts below :


Once the template has been completed, copy and paste the content into the relevant field on the platform. 

Examples :

Smith, James,, France | North, 1, apozeiru, en, Professional Photographer

Martin, Christopher,,, 0, lmozeirp, fr, ID 5162, 50eeb008202607fb68d441cb | 34eeb008202607fb68d441aa

Tick option #2 Initialize fields that were not already set to launch the account setup.

Information regarding the user's last Name, first name, password and language will by initialized via the CSV document. Only the trainee can edit them afterwards.


2 – Invite members via a group

You can add a new member to your workspace by adding them to a group.

To do this, navigate to the group settings menu, then Members > Learners. Click on the pencil icon to edit the group members. To add a new member, click on Add Emails and enter the email address(es) of member(s) you want to invite.


The member will then receive an invitation email to join your platform and will be automatically invited to the group and to all ongoing and future programs assigned to the group(s). This method is very handy if you don’t need to assign an automatic deactivation date for users. By default, new members added via a group will have a “trainee” role. 

PS #1: Once a member has clicked on the invitation email and joined your platform, you can edit their role, add an automatic deactivation date, etc. by navigating to the member’s profile: Setting & Members > Members

PS #2: When you invite a member to a program that hasn’t started yet, they will receive the program invitation email on the program start date.


 3 – Invite members via a training program

You can invite a new member to your workspace by adding them to a program session

To do so:

  • Navigate to the Training > Programs menu
  • Navigate to the Settings menu of the program template Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_10.48.08.png
  • In the Session box, click on the name of the session (or click on the + button to create a new session)
  • In the Registration section:
    • Click on +Group to add a group of learners
    • Click on +Learner to add individual participants


You can add:

  • Participants who are already on the platform, by checking their name:
  • New participants: click on Add emails:


Run into a problem inviting users to the platform? Check out our dedicated article! 

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