5 Key points to check before launching your training program

This document summarizes the 5 key steps you need to complete before launching your online training program!

Click on the links below to read our detailed articles on each step.

  1. Personalize your platform
    • Customize your profile
    • Customize your workspace
  2. Create courses and add activities (documents, outlines, questions)
  3. Integrate courses into a training program and include additional elements (webinars, attended classes, automatic emails, validation step, certification).
  4. Create a session for your program and invite your members
    • Create groups
    • Assign roles to members
    • Invite members to your program(s) 
  5. You’re all set! You’ve personalized your workspace, created courses, a training program and invited members to join! You can then track the progress of your learners from the statistics section of your program.

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