Creating and managing groups

Think of groups as classrooms for your digital university.You can create, customize and manage groups from your 360Learning platform.  

In this article, we’ll go over:

1 - Creating a group

2 - Customizing a group

3 - Adding members to a group

4 - Deleting a group


1 – Creating a group

Only members with the owner or an administrator role on the platform can create groups.

On the home page, click on Creation > Group:


On the pop-up message, type in the name of the group and the desired level of confidentiality:



2 – Customizing a group

You can configure your groups from several places on the platform:

  • From the home page, navigate to the group management section and click on mceclip0.png:


  • From the group page, click on the gear icon mceclip0.png:


From the Settings menu, you can customize various items:

  • Cover image (use an image from your computer or choose one of our pre-downloaded images)
  • Presentation video
  • Group name
  • Status (public or private group)
  • Logo and favicon
  • Personalized message (that will appear on the group page)
  • Customized URL and cover image for the login portal (click here to learn more about customizing a URL) 


3 – Adding and removing members 

A - Adding and Learners

  • To add a Learner to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu  then click on Members > Learners. Click on the + button and select the users you want to join the group. 
  • To remove a Learner from the group, repeat these steps and simply uncheck the name of the learner from the list. 

B – Adding Coaches/Authors/Admins

  • To add a Coach/Author/Admin to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu and click on Members. Click on the desired menu and click again on the "+" sign to add a user. 
  • To remove a Coach/Author/Admin from the group, repeat these steps and simply uncheck the name of the user from the list.


4 - Deleting a group

To delete a group, go to the group settings and click on X Delete:


Please note:

  • Deleting a group is permanent, there's no going back!
  • When the group is deleted, you will no longer be able to access the statistics for the group in the Dashboard > Groups menu.


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