Creating and managing groups

Think of groups as classrooms for your digital university.You can create, customize and manage groups from your 360Learning platform.  

In this article, we’ll go over:

1- The generic group that represents your organization

2 - Creating a group

3 - Customizing a group

4 - Adding members to a group

5 - Deleting a group



1- The generic group that represents your organization


A) What’s the platform group?

A group with the name of your platform is visible on your homepage, but you didn’t create it? No need to panic! 😱

This is the first level of your organization, we call it the platform or root group. It’s created automatically when you set up your workspace. This group represents the foundation of your organization from which you create other groups - it therefore appears at the top of your list of groups.


B) Members of the platform group

Who is part of the platform group?

It’s simple!

  • Learners who are part of a public group (open padlock symbol) are part of your root group.
  • Learners who are not members of any private groups (closed padlock symbol) are part of your root group.
  • If a learner is only assigned to a private group, they will not be in the root group.

The main features of the platform group are:

  • The group administrators are the platform administrators
  • The group coaches are  the platform coaches
  • The group authors are the platform authors. They create training courses and programs.

Feel free to check out our dedicated article on how user roles work.


C) Managing the platform group  

Customizing the root group is similar to customizing other groups you’ve created.

The only difference is that the settings for this group correspond to your platform customization settings (= menu My Account> Settings).

As an administrator, you can:

  • Add or remove member labels
  • Manage advanced platform settings
  • Add, edit and delete platform themes and skills
  • Configure the catalogue
  • Set up and configure the public channel


D) Remove a user from the platform group

When you remove a member from any other group, they are no longer part of the group but remain a member of the platform 

⚠️ For the platform group, it’s different!

The platform public community is managed using the root group, when you remove:

  • A user from the root group and they are not part of any other groups: they will also be removed from the platform

  • A user from the root group that is part of at least one other group: in this case, a window will appear to confirm whether or not the member should remain in their sub-group(s).


2 – Creating a group

Only members with the owner or an administrator role on the platform can create groups.

On the home page, click on Creation > Group:


On the pop-up message, type in the name of the group and the desired level of confidentiality:



3 – Customizing a group

You can configure your groups from several places on the platform:

  • From the home page, navigate to the group management section and click on mceclip0.png:


  • From the group page, click on the gear icon mceclip0.png:


From the Settings menu, you can customize various items:

  • Cover image (use an image from your computer or choose one of our pre-downloaded images)
  • Presentation video
  • Group name
  • Status (public or private group)
  • Logo and favicon
  • Personalized message (that will appear on the group page)
  • Customized URL and cover image for the login portal (click here to learn more about customizing a URL) 


4 – Adding and removing members 

A - Adding and Learners

  • To add a Learner to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu  then click on Members > Learners. Click on the + button and select the users you want to join the group. 
  • To remove a Learner from the group, repeat these steps and simply uncheck the name of the learner from the list. 

B – Adding Coaches/Authors/Admins

  • To add a Coach/Author/Admin to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu and click on Members. Click on the desired menu and click again on the "+" sign to add a user. 
  • To remove a Coach/Author/Admin from the group, repeat these steps and simply uncheck the name of the user from the list.


5 - Deleting a group

To delete a group, go to the group settings and click on X Delete:


Please note:

  • Deleting a group is permanent, there's no going back!
  • When the group is deleted, you will no longer be able to access the statistics for the group in the Dashboard > Groups menu.


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