Creating and customizing a group

Think of groups as classrooms for your digital university, where you can make different training programs available. You can create, customize and manage groups from your 360Learning platform.  

In this article, we’ll go over:

1 - Creating a group

2 - Customizing a group

3 - Adding Trainers and Learners to a group


1 – Creating a group

Only members with the owner or an administrator role on the platform can create groups.

On the home page, click on Creation > Group:


On the pop-up message, type in the name of the group and the desired level of confidentiality:



2 – Customizing a group

You can configure your groups from several places on the platform:

  • From the home page, navigate to the group management section and click on Modify next to the group in question
  • From the group page, click on the gear icon mceclip0.png

From the Settings menu, you can customize various items:

  • Cover image (use an image from your computer or choose one of our pre-downloaded images)
  • Presentation video
  • Group name
  • Status (public or private group)
  • Logo and favicon
  • Personalized message (that will appear on the group page)
  • Customized URL and cover image for the login portal (click here to learn more about customizing a URL) 


3 – Adding Coaches and Learners to a group

A – Adding Coaches

  • To add a Coach to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu mceclip0.pngand click on Members > Coaches.
  • Click on the + button and select the users you want to designate as Group Coaches.  Only users with this role can become Group Coaches.


B - Adding Learners

  • To add a Learner to a group, navigate to the group Settings menu mceclip0.png then click on Members > Learners
  • Click on the + button and select the users you want to join the group.


Please Note: if you add a member to a group, they will automatically receive an invitation to follow all programs in progress that have been assigned to the group.

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