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Certificates help you to formalize your Learners' achievements.

You can add certificates at any point in your program template structure. 


Adding a certificate into a program

To add a certificate:

  1. On the Homepage, click Program
  2. Scroll down to Add block to the program, and click Certificate
  3. Fill out the name and description 


Customizing a certificate

You can customize the following elements:

  • the background image;
  • the title;
  • the name "Certificate";
  • the certification authority;
  • the contact;
  • the validity period (it will be written in the text of the Certificate, but the Certificate will not disappear, and no notification will be sent);
  • the description.
🤓  You can't edit any other elements of the certificate. 


Background image

  1. In the certificate editor, hover over the certificate background, then upload a new background picture (recommended size: 1500 x 1050 px). 

    📚 Looking for an online tool to create your own custom certificate backgrounds? Canva is a great (and user-friendly) place to start!
  2. Click the eyed-shape icon to preview the certificate

💡 If you wish to add your own certificate background, you can download a template that will highlight the parts of the certificate that will be covered by text. This will avoid overlap between your visuals and the text of the certificate. You can download this template by clicking here, or from the certificate block in your program template.



Click the top field to edit the title of the certificate




Click the second field to edit the name of the certificate




Click the bottom field to edit the description:



Conditions for receiving a certificate

Learners will receive a certificate as soon as they complete the previous training item. 

  • If the previous item is a course in Learning or Training mode (with a minimum score), Learners will have to retake the course until they meet the minimum score requirements. They will receive the certificate once they have completed the course.
  • If the previous item is a course in Examination mode (with a minimum score), Learners only have one attempt to receive the certificate. If they fail, they will have to take a new program session and attempt to reach the minimum score.

When a session reaches its end date, all participants are added to the "completed" histogram bar in the session statistics". If the participant has started a module in a mode other than Exam, and without a minimum score, immediately before a Certificate, then he or she receives the Certificate.

Note: If the brick preceding the Certificate is not a module, the above rules do not apply and the Certificate is received.


Downloading a certificate

Once Learners earn a certificate, they can download it in PDF.

To retrieve a Learner's certificate, head over to the Dashboard > Users menu, then select the Learner's profile. 

The certificate will be in the Certificates section. Click the name of the desired session to download the corresponding file. 


Sharing a certificate

Learners can share their 360Learning certificates on Linkedin. 

The tutorial below will show you how to do so:

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