🎓 Certificates

If you want to formalize the success of your learners, you can integrate certificates at any point in your program.

The good news is that you can add as many certificates as you want in a program! 

1 - Adding a certificate into a program

2 - Setting up a certificate in a program

3 - Conditions for receiving a certificate

4 - Retrieving certificates 

5 - Sharing a certificate


1 - Add a certificate into a program

To add a certification, go to the program editor and click on the Certification item in the program creator:



2 - Setting up a certificate in a program

Hover over the interactive image below to find out more about the elements you can personalize in a certificate:


3 - Conditions for receiving a certificate

Receiving a certification depends on the previous course:

  • If he course is in Learning or Training mode: the learner must redo the course until they obtain the minimum score. They’ll receive the certificate once they’ve completed the course.
  • If the course is in Examination mode:  The learner will receive the certificate only if they successfully complete the course on their first try. They won't be able to retake the course. 

Feel free to read our article on course modes for more information!


4 - Retrieving certificates 

Certificates are available for download in PDF format. 

To find a certificate, go to the Dashboard > Users menu and select a user. Next, go down to the Certificates section and click on the name of the certificate to start the download:



5 - Sharing a certificate

When learners unlock certification they can share it on Linkedin. To do so, they will have to access the My Profile menu (available by hovering over the profile picture), and click on the Linkedin icon:


If they want to share it on Linkedin, they will have to set it up directly via their Linkedin account. No action is required on you part!


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