Your Coaching Program - 360Learning Starter

 We have created special programs for you so that you can leverage the full potential of 360Learning.

You’ll receive an invitation to these programs as soon as you activate your Starter account. These programs were created by the 360Learning team to help guide you through the 360Learning platform.

Click on each program to learn more:

1 - Learn how to use the 360Learning platform

2 - Managing groups and members

3 - Digital Education

4 - Conducting your programs


1 – Learn how to use the 360Learning platform

An introductory program that goes over all basic information to get you started on the platform. Topics covered include:

  • Customizing your platform
  • Different platform roles and associated permissions
  • Your catalogue
  • Publishing your first courses


2 – Managing groups and members

Discover all of the advantages of having groups.

Groups allow you to efficiently manage trainees and even clients (by customizing your offer to each group).


3 – Digital education

The goal of this program is to help you understand digital education fundamentals in order to help you create engaging and high-performing programs! 

What’s on the menu: content creation suggestions, tool recommendations and best practices to help you structure your programs.

At the end of this program,

  • You’ll know the difference between digital and blended learning programs by heart;
  • You’ll know how to efficiently digitize your programs;
  • You’ll be able to start putting together original and engaging digital programs!


4 – Conducting your programs

To avoid falling back into the e-learning pitfalls of the 2000s, online training has taken on social and collaborative aspects.

This is reflected in different ways based on the platform, company and training organization.

The goal of these courses is to make you aware of the importance of properly animating and conducting your programs.

There is no magical recipe that you can use for each program but we will provide you with tools and ideas that you can adapt to your projects.

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