360Learning Platform Features

360Learning gives you access to a platform on the cutting edge of digital technology.   

Here’s a list of the main features available on the platform (this list is not exhaustive)

Working with 360Learning means gaining access to:

  • A fully customizable e-learning platform.

All visual elements of your platform can be customized (logo, group and course cover images, login page and URL). You can even customize groups to create personalized client environments.

  • A platform compatible with over 2,500 Web formats:

You can design your courses and programs using all types of educational resources. Whether they are classic formats (word, PowerPoint, videos, SCORM, …) or more innovative options (Powtoon, Prezi, Vyond, Thinglink ...) 360Learning seamlessly integrates the resources of your choice.

  • Social and collaborative features:

Training is above all a human experience. Take advantage of our smart human interactions (forums available for each course activity) to asynchronously answer questions and animate your programs!

You also have the possibility to include webinars in your training programs to interact in real-time with your trainers.

Up for a challenge? You can set up a module in challenge mode and have your trainees answer as fast as they can.

  • Comprehensive administrator features:

Add and remove embers from your workspace with a simple copy / paste of email addresses. You can even program an automatic deactivation date for members, our system takes care of the rest!

You can sort your learners into groups (training theme, client) and give them access to a personalized learning catalogue.

Want to animate your programs and get learners involved in the training initiative? No problem, you can set up automatic emails alerts and reminder messages.

  • Statistical reportings:

The individualized reporting allows for the tracking of learners (connection time, success rate and course progress rate) and the issuance of a certificate.  

If you want to go even further, statistics are available in just one click (course completion rates, connection times, number of platform connections). You can view statistics by member or by group and share them with your clients to continually improve your online training programs. Identify at a glance where your trainees need improvement by accessing detailed reporting of their answers and suggest additional training programs.

  • E-commerce features:

Leverage the digital revolution to monetize your online programs and expand your audience! With your Public Channel, you gain access to an online course catalogue that is visible to anyone. You can share the link to your Public Channel in your email signature, on social networks or in emailing campaigns!

The icing on the cake? You can make the first course of each training program available free of charge. What’s better than being able to test something before purchase? You set a price and our online payment tool takes care of the rest.

  • Personalized support:

You can access training programs immediately after your Starter account has been activated. These programs are designed to accompany you as you learn to use the platform. Getting started with the tool, discovering all platform features, creating and publishing your first courses…all key points are covered.

  • Technical Support:

Technical issue? Noticed a bug on the platform? You’ll receive an answer to your request in less than 2 hours* via email.

*Average response time for 2018

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