How to increase the chances of selling your programs on your Public Channel

Here are some important tips to increase the impact of your programs on 360Learning Universities:

1 - Customizing your Public Channel

2 – Tips for creating highly visible courses on the Public Channel

3 - Tips for creating highly visible programs on the Public Channel

Very few courses on 360Learning Universities respect all of the criteria outlined in this article. They are in no way mandatory. However, among programs that do meet 100% of these criteria, more than 2 out of 3 are part of the Top 100 most requested programs. Interesting, right?

Applying the follow tips will help you gain visibility thanks to marketing campaigns funded by 360Learning. The following criteria are some of those taken into account by our algorithm to create web marketing campaigns.

1 – Customizing your Public Channel

Customizing your page on 360Learning Universities is the starting point for promoting your programs:

  • A background image in the dimensions specified when uploading the image
  • A logo, also in the correct dimensions
  • A photo of each trainer
  • LinkedIn link to your trainers’ profiles

2 – Tips for creating highly visible courses on the Public Channel

  • The most successful programs have between 3 and 12 courses, and on average 7. Beyond 12, your program is probably too long and we recommend splitting it into multiple programs or combining certain courses.
  • Program courses have been personalized with a clear course summary.
  • We strongly recommend that you make your first course available free of charge, via the advanced options of your program. This allows users to fully understand the tone and quality of the training program. Feel free to check out our partner workspaces listed on the Home Page of 360Learning Universities for inspiration!
  • Programs with multiple document formats, varied activities and questions perform better.
  • If your program contains videos, we highly recommend that they are no longer than 4 minutes per video. If that’s not the case, split up videos with activities, including questions.
  • On average, the most successful programs have courses with a maximum of 10 activities, including 3 to 6 evaluation questions and different types of documents. Click here for the list of formats that are compatible with the platform. Feel free to also check the Tools section of our FAQ, which contains a list of tools tested and approved by our team of education experts.

3 - Tips for creating highly visible programs on the Public Channel

  • Customize your program as much as possible: write a summary, add a teaser video, and include the estimated program duration and weekly workload.
  • A good summary (“About”) clearly presents the following (preferably in this order): 
    • The skills that a user will acquire during your program and highlight the fact that these skills will benefit your target audience
    • The audience the program targets
    • Possible prerequisites
    • You can also include a bio of the program creator, to reinforce their expertise on the topic 
  • The cover image must be professional, with sufficient resolution for most screens (at least 1440 x 480 pixels). Feel free to use images that have already been downloaded to the platform, or check out free professional online image banks like
  • Finally, the program title must be clear and without acronyms. Refrain from using nomenclature that is specific to you, such as CRE210, that users will not understand. The title should not include the words “Demo” or “Test” because your course is a finished product. Using CAPITAL LETTERS does not help readability and is viewed as a negative factor by our algorithm.
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