Catalog: making your content available in open access



The catalog allows you to make programs and courses available to targeted groups of trainees.

The aim of the catalog is to allow trainees to freely access resources that interest them without having been enrolled in a program by the training team. At 360Learning we like to think of the catalog as a bank of internal resources.

We’ve put together an article that recaps how the catalog works:

1 - How the catalog works

2 - Customize or deactivate the catalog

3 - Make content available in the catalog

4 - Catalog navigation for trainees


1 – How the catalog works

When trainees have finished a course or program which is not available in the catalog, they will be able to consult activities (for example, read an outline, watch a video, look at answers to questions)when they return to the course.

However, they will not be able to answer questions and obtain a new score for the course.

But, if a course or program is available in the catalog, learners can consult AND redo all activities, including questions.


2 – Customize or deactivate the catalog

By default, the catalog is activated on your platform.

To deactivate it (or reactivate), navigate to the catalog settings menu (gear icon on the catalogue page, or in Settings and Members > My Workspace > Catalog and (un)check the Catalog option:


You can customize the following catalog items (or deactivate it) by clicking on the gear icon of the catalog page:

  • Catalog name ("Catalog", "Training Center " or the name of your choice)
  • Cover photo
  • Introduction video
  • Description 


3 – Make content available in the catalog

Access to the catalog is managed via groups. You can decide what learners see in the catalog based on the groups they are part of.

  • For a course: from the General Information menu, scroll to the Advanced Options menu and click on Groups to open access to specific groups. 
  • For a program: in the program settings menu, scroll to the Advanced options menu and click on the Open access in the catalog option. Then click on Groups to open access to specific groups. 
  • From a group page: you can directly assign courses and program that will be available to groups. To do so, navigate to the group settings menu, click on the Trainings menu and assign content that will be available in the catalog.


4 – Catalog navigation for Trainees

Trainees can filter catalog content by:

  • Number of views
  • Title (alphabetical order)
  • Language (only for courses)
  • Skills (if skills have been added to the course or program)
  • Group (if the trainee belongs to multiple groups) 
  • Completion (trainees can hide the programs/courses they have already completed by clicking on the eye-shaped icon Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_15.37.35.png)




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