Find out more about Webinars

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Webinars redirect Learners to online meetings (or virtual classes).

On the day of the webinar, Learners receive two notification emails:

  • one hour before the start of the webinar
  • when the webinar is about to start

Here are some examples of softwares allowing you to create webinar links:

⚠️ We do not host online meetings on the 360Learning platform. To use that block, an online meeting must be created beforehand in a dedicated application.

The Webinar block is setup in two steps.

In the program template

  1. Enter the title of the Webinar


In the program session

  1. Choose a start and end date (they will be set in your local timezone and will be displayed to your learners in their own timezone)

  2. Enter the URL address of the online meeting




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